Auto Insurance and Attorneys

When you get hurt in an auto accident the last thing you want to deal with having to pay out of pocket for medical care; you want to feel like yourself again. Even though we are here to help everyone any way we can there is a process for this. When it comes to payments on these there are a few different scenarios.

  1. Patient using auto insurance

When you are in the state of Florida people think you can use the other persons insurance to cover your bills. WRONG that is against the law here in Florida. We have PIP Personal Injury Protection this is for every Florida driver with valid insurance. So, when you come in for treatment you use your own insurance “PIP” for your cost. Auto insurance only cover 80% and it’s the patients responsibly for 20% on the date of service.

  1. Patients using auto and attorney

If you have auto insurance and using an attorney, you must obtain a Lien or Letter of Protection. This means we bill your auto insurance and they pay the 80% and then with the Lien the 20% goes to the attorney. At the time of settlement in your case, we are paid at that time. Patient pays nothing during course of care.

  1. Using Medical insurance for auto related injury

Most of the time when this happens it because the PIP has exhausted. Once we receive an Exhaustion letter, we can bill your regular medical insurance, but you are still responsible for your copay or coinsurance at time of treatment. Health insurance will not pick  up the left over amount from auto insurance.

  1. Using Medical insurance and Attorney

It is very similar to auto, as we must obtain a Lien or Letter of Protection first. You just won’t pay your copay or coinsurance at time of treatment, it will be billed to attorney. Then when the case is settled, we receive payment at that time. Patient pays nothing in office during treatments.