How to safely begin an exercise program

When it comes to working out, the eagerness to attack new goals brings people to the gym with an intense focus on results and not on the technique to attain those goals. Unfortunately, that enthusiasm can also lead to injuries for those who are new to the gym or those who are not prepared to take on such a task.

Warming up before any physical activity is beneficial in many ways, but the primary function is to prepare the body and mind for more strenuous activity.  Warming up helps to increase the core temperature of the body, while also increasing the body’s muscle temperature. This helps to make the muscles loose, and more susceptible to change (build and grow).  An effective warm-up also has the effect of increasing both your heart and respiratory rates. This increases blood flow, which increases the delivery of oxygen and nutrients getting to the muscles. All of this helps to prepare the muscles and tendons for more aggressive exercises to come.

When deciding on what muscles or muscle groups to workout.  There is a common opinion to do muscles that pull (biceps, back, adductors) one day, and muscles that push (chest, triceps, abductors) another.  Learning how to correctly perform an exercise or movement is also very important. Some people would say that acquiring a good technique takes effort. That’s correct, but without this very important skill the results are not high and/or stable. Bad or improper technique only has its downfalls. Bad form is limiting and does not allow the body to use its full potential. Bad form can lead to a debilitating or serious injury. Our bodies are working best when the weight-effort is evenly distributed between all the joints and muscles.

Physical therapists are experts with how your muscles work and build strength.  We have 8 years of education and clinical experience before practicing, which makes PT’s much more qualified than a personal trainer.  If you’re considering starting a new exercise program, it’s important to have a good understanding of how to begin without being at risk of injury.  

We treat all patients in the Clermont 34711 area – whether you already have an injury, or you’re ready to start a safe exercise regimen.