LSVT BIG and LOUD: How this helps patient’s with Parkinson’s:

What is it? An Intensive amplitude-based exercise program that was created to re-educate the sensorimotor system for all 4 limbs of the body. This program began with Lee Silverman’s Voice Treatment that was focused on speech therapy, getting patients to talk LOUDER to improve their ability to speak and eat better. They saw amazing changes in patient’s speech and so they decided it apply it to the same population but with movement (aka in physical therapy).

What are symptoms of patient’s with Parkinson’s Disease?

These patient’s deal with life-changing symptoms on a daily basis:

  • Bradykinesia (slow movement)
  • Freezing of gait (getting stuck when they have to walk over simple obstacles, like rugs or door step)
  • Rigidity (tightness in their muscles that does not allow them to move like they want)
  • Resting Tremors (pill-rolling involuntary movement usually in their hands/fingers)
  • Balance/Gait changes (losing their ability to stand or walk independently, usually have a “shuffling” gait or take frequent small steps)
  • Depression (changes in the brain can cause individuals to lose their energy and their desire to move)

How can it help?

Using the LSVT BIG treatment helps us focus on intensive exercising of large-amplitude movements. Basically, we trick the brain by using BIG movement to stop the small movement, for example BIG lunges, BIG steps, and BIG reaches. to get patients to move with less restrictions. Patients who have participated in this program around the world have seen AMAZING changes in their walking, balance, energy level, decreases in pain level, and report that they are able to do more at home with ease.


Who can you see about more questions?

Ask your physical therapist about this program and if they can help you! LSVT has website (see below) where you can find out more information and look up other physical therapists and licensed professional who are certified in this program. Watch the videos in the links to see a patient testimonial and see some exercises that are from the LSVT BIG  program.

LSVT website: