Physical Therapy following an Auto Accident Injury

Involvement in a motor vehicle accident can have devastating effects on life, with the outcomes being sometimes both financially and physically damaging. Auto accidents can result in a variety of complex injuries and symptoms. Common injuries sustained following involvement in an auto accident include: whiplash, headaches, back pain and injuries to the neck, shoulders, knees and other extremities.

It is not uncommon for individuals to have a delay in the onset of symptoms immediately following the accident, but may suffer from a variety of symptoms, including pain, decreased function and mobility afterward. Often the trauma associated with these types of injuries takes days and sometimes weeks to manifest. For this reason, it is important to receive immediate and appropriate treatment following a motor vehicle accident. In some case, the longer you delay treatment, the harder it may be to make a full recovery.

While initial medical treatment for a typical auto injury may consist of pain medication or other palliative treatments, this approach does little to repair the underlying injury that is causing the pain or decreased function and mobility. Physical therapy can help to facilitate proper repair and strengthening of damaged tissue. Most soft tissue injuries can be slow to heal, but with the implementation of proper therapeutic exercises/activities, stretching, manual therapy techniques and modalities, physical therapy can help to return full function.

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