Posture Effects on the Body

There are certain muscles in the body that stay active all the time.  They keep the body erect and are known as postural muscles.  If there is poor posture, one group of muscles could be lengthened and the other be tightened over time, which can be improper use of both groups of muscles.  Improper use of those muscle groups can cause aches and pain, and discomfort of the joints in the body.  Positioning the body correctly allows for even pressure on the spine, and the muscles and ligaments that surround it.  Headaches and back pain can be reduced with proper posture throughout a long period of time.  Good posture affect your level of oxygen that you intake; if you are hunched over your lungs don’t have the room they need to expand properly.  Knowing and performing proper posture throughout the day allows for a more active and healthy lifestyle.

Seeking out care from a physical therapist can be very beneficial with improving your posture.  Physical therapists are experts with muscles and bones and how they work to maintain an upright posture.  A program should be tailored to create a strong muscular balance to allow you to improve your posture with less effort.  Occasionally back braces are utilized to assist your muscles with the work of keeping you more erect.  

We treat patients with kyphosis (forward bending of the spine) and scoliosis (laterally bending of the spine) in the Clermont 34711 area!