• You should aim to have 1-1.5 cm space distance from your longest toe to the surface of your shoe.
  • If your toes are touching each other, then you should look to find a shoe which is wider in the toe box to prevent toe misalignment.
  • If you’re shopping online look for mid soles which have TPU cushioning as they are more resistant to forces and help hold their shape for longer
  • You should have the toe drop of the shoe from the heel to the toe no greater than 4cm, in order to prevent contracture of your calf muscles and altered leg mechanics.
  • Look for tread on the bottom of your shoe that is in all directions, not just forward and backwards, to give stability in all directions.
  • Your shoes should have laces and tongues to get a more precise fit, even if that means you have to ask others to help you put them on.
  • Instead of choosing shoes based on their cushioning, base your decisions on how stable they are and if they are wearable for your daily activities.
  • You should look for shoes with closed heels to add more stability and prevent falls.

Wearing poor-fitting or worn out shoes can cause problems in your whole body’s biomechanics which can lead to further pain and injuries in areas other than just the feet!!

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