Lymphedema Physical Therapy Treatment

Lymphedema Program

This program is designed for individuals who are diagnosed with lymphedema or are suffering from chronic swelling in the arms, legs or other parts of the body due to venous insufficiency, trauma, radiation, infection, or surgery. Our specialized program consists of comprehensive evaluations along with gentle, state of the art, personalized treatment techniques. Our individualized education helps to increase awareness and understanding about lymphedema, prevention, and management of lymphedema or other chronic swelling disorders.  If you’re just not sure about therapy quite yet, we also offer a home management program, if this is more convenient for you.

Benefits of Our Lymphedema Program:

  • Treatment is safe, reliable, and non-invasive
  • Proven to provide positive results for both primary and secondary lymphedema
  • Improve physical appearance and quality of life
  • Same day appointments
  • Front door parking
  • Fast, flexible scheduling while keeping you in mind

Start Seeing Results!

This program has been successfully proven to reduce swelling in involved areas and prevent worsening of the swelling. Patients can see results within first 2 weeks of treatment.

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Program Includes

Complete Decongestive Therapy (CDT) performed by a certified lymphedema therapist. Treatment is divided into two phases: intensive treatment phase for optimal edema reduction, followed by the maintenance phase, which is continued by patient at home to maintain edema reduction.

  • MANUAL LYMPH DRAINAGE-  Gentle technique that stimulates and mimics the pumping of the lymphatic fluids.
  • COMPRESSION BANDAGING-  Short stretch bandages to further increase lymphatic drainage and prevent refilling.
  • METICULOUS SKIN AND NAIL CARE-  Decrease risk for infections such as cellulitis.
  • THERAPEUTIC EXERCISE-  Improve flow of lymphatic fluid.
  • COMPRESSION GARMENT-  Helps to maintain edema reduction 

Does your swelling give you a CONSTANT DAILY REMINDER of a previous injury or life changing event? If so, WE can HELP! Chronic Swelling pain can limit one’s ability to perform the simplest normal activities of daily living.

Get back to doing what you love to do.
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We are not your typical therapists. All we do is help men and women stop pain and get more active. Many of our clients include athletes, elderly, pregnant women, and business executives. People of all ages, who wish to fix their bodies and enjoy life.

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