It can range between $40 and $90 per a session depending on the complexity of your condition.  We don’t want finances to get in the way of your healing.  We also have a financial hardship program and multiple payment plans options.  Don’t worry!

Anyone with pain, injury or weakness.

We have a variety of revolutionary treatments.  Depending on what is going on with you and your condition, we will apply some of our revolutionary procedures like BioQPulse, Cold Laser, Pressure Point Release.  We personalize each treatment to the complexity of your individuation situation.  Most patients feel better their very 1st session, and are done with visits within 6 sessions and they love it.

Our physical therapists and chiropractor all hold Doctorate Degrees and are experts in their field.  Each patient is seen one-on-one, which allows us to keep a closer eye on our patients and make better, more consistent adjustments to get them better, faster.

There is a lot of overlap within these 3 professions. Physical therapists utilize the body’s movement patterns to work on strength and neuromuscular re-education to be able to promote stability and healing. Pain management doctors typically use more invasive procedures to reduce pain; including but not limited to injections, medication, and sometime surgery. Chiropractors specialize in normal alignment of the skeletal system, which can contribute to painful positions.

Often times doctors will prescribe physical therapy BEFORE completing any diagnostic testing. This is actually just fine! Physical therapists will be able to test muscles, ligaments, tendons and bones and be able to determine what structures are involved and devise a plan of care. It is absolutely safe to complete therapy without imaging first.

That is something that you should discuss with the staff when setting up your appointments. There will be points in time when a recommendation for only physical therapy or chiropractic care will be suggested. Usually, we like to pair them together in treatment plans. This allows for you to have interaction with multiple trained professionals helping to restore function and decrease pain in a quicker, more efficient way.

No, at least not at our office. Our number one goal with Dr. Torina is to get you back to your standard of health or better as quickly and as efficiently as possible. For some patients Dr. Torina may suggest that you undergo supportive type care at a less frequent rate. This care allows us to monitor you throughout the course of the year without having to see you for major bouts of treatment due to flare ups.

Both. When dealing with injuries sustained through motor vehicle accidents typically there are multiple components to these injuries. Therefore we like to use a three part phase of care. Phase 1 is passive care: for this phase you show up and we take care of the rest. Typically, done with adjustments, soft tissue therapies and modalities. Phase 2 active care: We step away from the modalities and start adding in therapeutic activity and exercises. These consist of range of motion restoration and muscle stabilization. We will also continue with chiropractic treatments. Phase 3 is Maintenance: At this point we hope that you are back to Maximal Medical Improvement or MMI. At this time you come in for care as you feel is needed. This allows us to continue to monitor you for flare ups or persistent injuries.