Heart Attack Symptoms for Women

Did you know that the “classic” heart attack symptoms actually can differ between men and women?  The most common symptom for both men and women is chest pain, pressure, or fullness. But while the symptoms of jaw, left arm, and left abdomen pain may still be present, there are other things to watch out for that we should get to know better!

Heart Attack Symptoms

-One big heart attack symptom is a sudden shortness of breath. If you feel like you are working harder than normal to breathe and you are not sure why, contact your doctor immediately!

-Cold sweats, nausea, and lightheadedness can also be key signs! This may sound more like cold or flu symptoms, but it’s important to remember them. Heart attacks in women are not always caught as quickly as in men because we think “it’s a cold”. However, because of this, if you have a known history of conditions that affect blood pressure, cholesterol, or your heart and you begin to feel these symptoms it can be even more important to get checked ASAP!

-Back Pain can actually be a sign of this as well! If you have heart and vascular conditions as mentioned above and a new onset of pain appears non-mechanical (meaning without clear sign of injury, and does not appear to correspond to positions, specific movements, or joint and muscle use), it’s best to call right away! Common descriptors for this pain are constricting or pressure. It will be as if a rope has been tied around you.

These signs and symptoms are often somewhat more harmless compared to what we often expect. Because of this, it may contribute to the fact that heart attacks seem to have higher mortality rates in women than men. It is very important to monitor for these changes. Also, to take every precaution if you feel any symptom from the list above!