Sadness into Happiness During a Pandemic

Those who know me wouldn’t say I am a sad person. I am one of those people who hardly ever show any type of emotion but happiness. One weekend I actually wasn’t feeling well and I started to cry. It was funny. I was at my boyfriends house and he had never seen me sad before and had no idea what to do. But because he’s the best he just laid on the couch with me telling silly jokes until I felt better. That’s kind of what we all need right now. Someone to just tell us silly jokes until all of this craziness disappears. Unfortunately it’s not the easy. But there are small things we can do throughout the day when we do become saddened to turn the sadness into happiness.

Things I do

One thing that really helps me is a daily routine. While I do need 3-4 alarms to get me started for the day, a daily routine really helps me stay on track and push through. After finally waking up and getting ready I always start with caffeine. This could be a caramel iced coffee (that’s usually what it is) or if I stop for breakfast I get a large sweet tea! Those and chicken nuggets are the way to my heart. I always try and eat dinner early. It’s usually easier on the weekends because I work on the weekdays so it’s a little harder. But that’s okay. Lastly, I always try to be in bed by 9pm. This doesn’t mean asleep by 9pm, which I usually am, but just laying down and getting my body relaxed.

Sometimes setting boundaries is a must. This could be anything from saying no to someone, sticking up for yourself, or just keeping your distance from certain surroundings. This could also include boundaries from your electronics. A cool feature on iPhones now is they will tell you how long you spend on certain apps. My phone lets me know every Sunday morning on average how long I spent on my phone and on what features. Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, FaceTime, or even just breaking into broader topics such as entertainment and reading.

Another thing that helps me relax is cleaning and organizing. This can be my room, the kitchen, sometimes I clean and organize my boyfriends house because lets be honest typically boys aren’t the cleanest. At the end of it all I always light a candle or turn on my wax scents. I don’t know what is but there’s something so relaxing about sitting in a clean and tidy space.

While there’s tons of things out there that can put a smile on someones face these are just some things I like to do to turn my sadness into happiness.