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What is Ideal Protein?

Ideal Protein is a ketogenic weight loss program with a four-phase protocol. Two key components of the four-phase protocol include weight loss and education in a heathier lifestyle. Gaining knowledge in living a healthy lifestyle helps empower you to sustain your weight loss results.

Benefits of Ideal Protein

Joining Ideal Protein comes with many benefits. The first is a personalized approach to your weight loss journey based off your individual health profile. Secondly, you will receive weekly one on one coaching with a certified coach. Your coach will help educate and guide you along your weight loss journey. Besides just educating you, your coach will be your cheerleader throughout the whole process, helping boost your morale and holding you accountable as needed. Other benefits include improved energy, improved blood sugar, and reduced blood pressure.

What to Expect

During the first two weeks you can lose up to eight pounds with up to three pounds per week after that. You will not spend any more money than you currently do on a weeks worth of food. When going to the grocery store, you will learn what to look for on the nutrition facts label and what to stay away from. Also, easy to follow recipes will be handed right to you!

The Cost

You are probably thinking WOW this sounds too good to be true. How much does Ideal Protein cost?! As little as $5 per meal and $15 a day, that’s only $100 a week for 21 healthy meals.

When you sign up, you will receive a comprehensive health profile review and leave with everything you need to get started. These items include; the first week of food, first month of supplements, a few extra snacks to curb your hunger during the first week, a shaker bottle, and a fabulous tote bag to use for each appointment. The initial startup is $519 BUT if you sign up for the weekly workshop (Clermont or Ocoee) then you receive $100 off totaling it to $419. You can also receive a $50 referral credit when you send a friend in to start their weight loss journey! This is such a great investment in yourself.

Investing in your health is so important. We all want to live to be 100 years old and see not only our grandchildren get married, but our great grandchildren get married. Investing in yourself and a healthy lifestyle can do just that.

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