Tendinopathy Management

Tendinopathy is a common injury with individuals who participate in exercise and sports. This injury is the degeneration of a tendon’s collegian; collegian is the main structural component of a tendon. The mechanism of injury is due to too much stress placed on the tendon without proper time of rest therefore it is from overuse. Most of the time the pain experienced is not present during exercise, but is experienced hours after or even into the next day.
The most common tendons affected include:
-Patellar tendon
-Rotator cuff
-Achilles’ tendon
-Wrist flexors
-Wrist extensors
It is important to understand that complete rest is not the answer for this treatment. In fact, it is important to exercise but with an approach where gradual load is placed upon the main tendon affected. For example, if a patient is experiencing tendinopathy of the Achilles’ tendon, the target exercise might be heel raises.
Progressions of exercise (when patient demonstrates little to no pain you can progress the exercise):
  1. Isometric contractions with holds at mid range around 30-45 seconds (ex. heel raise to mid range and hold)
  2. Eccentric contractions slow and controlled (ex. heel raise with both feet, lower with just the affected foot)
  3. Isotonic contractions with high reps  >15  (ex. standard heel raises)
  4. Plyometrics (ex. double leg jumps )
It is important to find the appropriate dosage of exercise as well as the appropriate dosage of load for each individual patient. This treatment approach is not a “one size fits all” kind of approach. Some patients may take longer to progress through the phases and that is ok.
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