The Perks of Fresh Air

With it getting cooler outside, I thought I would write about fresh air. Now I do live in Florida, so my cooler weather is maybe 60 degrees, but that’s MUCH cooler than 104 degrees.

In America, the average full time employee works 47 hours a week, with 4/10 workers averaging 50 hours a week. Working this much may be exhausting. By the time you get off you want to go home, eat, shower, and sleep. Also working this much may keep your mind in other places and forget about simple health benefits.

Fresh air has TONS of benefits to your health. Besides just being good for your health, it makes you happier, cleans your lungs, and helps with your energy and mind. Research has shown that fresh air helps digest your food, improve blood pressure and heart rate, along with strengthening your immune system. A study done by Dr. Steeper found fresh air helped the airways of the lungs dilate more fully along with improving the cleansing action of the lungs. More research done found spending time out in nature breathing in the fresh air increased energy by 90%.

Researcher Rich Ryan stated, “Nature is fuel for the soul. Often when we feel depleted we reach for a cup of coffee, but research suggests a better way to get energized is to connect with nature”.

So next time you wake up try sitting on your patio for 10-15 minutes. Maybe open a window when you get home from work. In college, I use to walk around a new state park with my roommate every other weekend for 2 hours. Maybe that’s something to try. Even taking your dog for a 10-minute walk instead of a 5-minute walk in the evening. Something so simple can have such a HUGE impact on your health.