Exercising with Multiple Sclerosis

Are you, or someone you know affected by MS? If so, then it’s important to educate yourself on the benefits of exercise to help combat the devastating toll this diagnosis can take on one’s life.

One of the most common complaints is FATIGUE along with WEAKNESS, PAIN, POOR BALANCE and GAIT issues. Often the more fatigued we become, the less we exercise, which leads to more deconditioning and greater motor failure.  

With MS there is a loss of the myelin sheath within the central nervous system (myelin sheath is basically the coat that protects and insulates your nerves enabling adequate impulses between your brain and the rest of your body). This protective loss can lead to ATAXIA;  a lack of coordination in the muscles. 

Ataxia can lead to poor judgment of distance, postural sway with loss of balance and ultimately falls. EXERCISE can help REDUCE fatigue, depression, dizziness and IMPROVE strength, cognition, mobility, balance and overall quality of life. The most beneficial exercise interventions are strength, mobility, coordination and balance training which can all be addressed through SKILLED PHYSICAL THERAPY.  

At Hohman Rehab, all patients are given an individual tailored plan to maintain function while also reaching their own personal goals. We strive to give the best care to all who walk through our door, so become part of our Hohman family in our Clermont or Ocoee office, and make that call: (352) 404 6908 

“I have greatly benefited from physical therapy by Helen Johnson, PTA.  The exercises can easily be done at home. I’m also more confident when I’m out and about” Alicia Polen, a Clermont patient.