Sports preventing injury

Physical therapy can benefit return to sport athletes in many ways. Two injuries mostly seen are ankle and knee injuries.

Ankle Injuries:


An immediate sprain ankle can elicit pain, swelling, maybe some redness, it can be difficult to walk or even stand. The road to recovery can be a lengthy process if not handled correctly. Moreover, preventing reinjury is another main focus when thinking of returning to sport. Physical therapy will address pain and inflammation/swelling, regaining full ankle range of motion, improving ankle strength and stability specific to sport activity, increasing power, and proprioception. Time spent properly in recovery and rehabilitation can build the necessary skills and independence to maintain progress gained in physical therapy.

Knee injuries:


One of the most common injuries seen in sports is with the knee. Whether it is patellar tendonitis, ACL, MCL, PCL, LCL, meniscus, jumper’s knee, runner’s knee, or just general pain, physical therapy can help treat, reduce pain, and prevent further injuries in sports specific knee injuries. With proper examination of the structures of the knee, physical therapy can help determine deficits and impairments causing the root causes of knee pain and help to correct them as well as help reduce future injuries. Physical therapy will focus on reducing pain and swelling, improve tendon and ligament integrity, improve range of Emotion and strength, promote stability and proprioception, as well a sport specific activity to help transition back into full involvement of your sport.