Physical Therapists or Super Heroes?!

Some of the coolest super heroes wear disguises. For example, Clark Kent. He works a normal job as a reporter, but really he is super man! Peter Parker is a normal high school student right?! No, he is Spiderman! Super heroes are all around but maybe we don’t see them because they are in disguise.

So what is a super hero? Some might say it is someone who fights crime. Others might say a super hero is someone who is courageous and knowledgeable. Maybe a super hero is someone who helps people and changes the world. If you were to ask a child what a super hero was to them some might say Iron Man or Batman. Others might say their mom or dad. A super hero can be anyone. Well I believe physical therapists are super heroes.

Think about it, super heroes help people right? So do physical therapists. When you go to physical therapy for arm pain, back pain, vertigo, arthritis, after surgery rehabilitation, the physical therapist helps you. Physical therapists design a “plan of attack” to help you overcome your injury and “defeat it”. They motivate you every session to keep going. Physical therapists also work side by side with you on your journey to getting better.

At Hohman Rehab we might not wear capes or costumes everyday, but we sure do love what we do and we love helping our patients. If you are needing a real life super hero come on in, we would love to work with you.